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Fishermen’s Centre: Exclusive Space for Communion

Keeping the fishermen in mind, the Penang State Government, with the cooperation of SRS Consortium, set up Pusat Perkhidmatan Nelayan Setempat (PPSN) in Permatang Damar Laut (2016) and Sungai Batu (2021) to act as a “one-stop” platform to disseminate accurate project information and organise social activities for the community, bringing the people and the government closer.


PPSN’s roles are:

• Mediator between the state government and the people;
• Identify and help address local fishermen’s issues and needs;
• Provide free tuition for children sitting for national exams like SPM;
• Provide long and short-term technical courses and training for locals;
• Serve as a job registration centre for locals interested in jobs during the reclamation;
• Managing PSR work visits;
• Assist in implementing the Environment Management Plan (EMP);
• Manage the Social Impact Management Plan’s (SIMP) implementation;
• Manage local fishermen’s complaints and feedback through the PANTAS complaint management system
• Providing free space for fellowship and communion for sharing common interests

Fishermen Benefits

As immediate neighbours of the Penang South Island (PSI), south Penang Island fishermen will begin receiving benefits during the reclamation process. When the islands are developed, they will also enjoy economic spill over from the project – opportunities that will transform their lives and that of their children and grandchildren.


From the onset, fishermen will benefit from the Social Impact Management Plan (SIMP) that uplifts the community, and the implementation of the ecology offset programme that creates new habitats for marine life.


The SIMP, with a RM100 million state government allocation, provides the fishermen ex-gratia payments when the reclamation begins, and modern jetties with facilities, along with a dedicated navigation channel that enables 24-hour access to the sea.


Skippers (tekong) from the Permatang Tepi Laut, Sungai Batu, Teluk Kumbar and Gertak Sanggul fishermen units each will receive a new boat and engine. The Penang State Government is giving 20 boats and engines to the first group of eligible recipients in 2022.


The local fishermen will still be able to continue fishing during and after the reclamation.


New Entrepreneurs

The jetty in Permatang Damar Laut will feature amenities such as storage area, ice-making facilities, stalls, restaurants, tourism facilities and a river promenade that will attract tourists, bringing business opportunities and more income to the local community.


There will be job opportunities generating stable income for the fishermen and other locals, who can provide services like water transportation, jetty construction, delivery and supply of food and other necessities to construction workers, and others.


Some local fishermen have already found new jobs in the PSI project before the reclamation even takes off. With steadier income and social security benefits, they have secured a more stable life for themselves and their families.

Empowering the Next Generation

To move the community up the value chain, the SIMP also provides training, upskilling and empowerment programmes for fishermen and their children, who are interested to broaden their horizons and take up Penang South Island-related jobs. Examples of such programmes are boat piloting, boat making and engine maintenance courses.


Fishermen’s children will also benefit from free tuition classes and other education schemes to improve their academic performance and qualifications. Those who successfully enroll in university or college, and do well in their exams will also receive cash incentives.


Fishermen facing housing difficulties and yet to own homes will be given priority by the State Housing Department in home-ownership schemes.


Bringing Benefits to the Community

The implementation of SIMP will be coordinated under the Community Participation Programme known as PELITAKU for short. The programme is managed by the Fishermen Taskforce chaired by Deputy Chief Minister 1 YB Dato Ir Ahmad Zakiyuddin Abdul Rahman, and will be implemented by the Penang Infrastructure Corporation, State Economic Planning Unit and Pusat Perkhidmatan Setempat Nelayan (PPSN).


PELITAKU involves the Penang Government, local community, fishermen, related agencies, non-governmental organisations, higher education institutions and others to implement the SIMP and the ecology offset master plan in compliance with ESG (environment, social and governance) principles.


PELITAKU’s four pillars are:

• Pillar 1: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Environment Programmes
• Pillar 2: Education, Training and Upskilling Programmes
• Pillar 3: Job Opportunities
• Pillar 4: Business Opportunities


Through PELITAKU, the Penang Government encourages the south Penang Island community, the private and public sectors to take part and take advantage of opportunities created in the Penang South Island development.

Community Co-operative

The Penang State Government has set up Koperasi Komuniti Pulau Pinang Selatan Berhad (KKPPSB) with a capital of RM5 million to ensure the local community benefits from the PSI project, which will boost business and economic growth in south Penang Island in the coming years.


Membership is open to fishermen, their family members, residents, and those working in south Penang Island, such as the business community. State government officials and project implementation agencies assigned to implement the SIMP benefits and PELITAKU programmes are also accepted as members.


Local fishermen operating in south Penang Island will be the majority shareholders. Each fisherman who signs up as a member with a minimum share value of RM100 will be given an additional 500 shares. This is to ensure the fishermen benefit the most from the co-operative’s revenue and profits.


To start its business, KKPPSB will be marketing marine products purchased from fishermen, providing boat transportation services for PSI construction workers, and building and managing the new fishermen jetty built under the SIMP scheme.


In the future, KKPPSB will also engage in other activities such as deploying artificial reefs and fish aggregating devices, running fish and prawn hatcheries, providing maintenance services, supplying food and providing transportation for construction workers, operating petrol stations, mini supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes in the form of kiosk cabins; supplying ice to fishermen and surrounding businesses, and selling dried seafood products.


Co-operative members will receive returns in the form of dividends and others such as marketing assistance, employment and business opportunities, emergency funds for marketing marine products, boat or engine repairs, and death benefits.


KKPPSB is managed by a board of 12 directors appointed from among the fishing community, local residents, implementation agencies, and the Penang State Government.


KKPPSB’s temporary office is at Pusat Perkhidmatan Setempat Nelayan Permatang Tepi Laut. For enquiries, email [email protected].

Contact Pusat Perkhidmatan Setempat Nelayan:


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