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Almost a decade ago, the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) and the Penang South Island (PSI) projects were launched. For their implementation, project delivery partners have been appointed to lead the projects together with the Penang State Government.

Typically, both are strategic transformation projects aimed at maintaining and enhancing Penang’s competitiveness as an international investment and tourism destination. PTMP aims to address traffic congestion issues through new road and public transport networks, while the ‘Silicon Island’ under PSI is set to create new land for industrial, residential, commercial, recreational, and other related uses.

Both PTMP and PSI have the potential to generate business opportunities and income for the continuous progress and prosperity of Penang as a state heavily reliant on the manufacturing and service sectors for overall economic growth. To put it simply, we need these two projects for the long-term development of Penang.

The State Government is grateful to see the ‘Silicon Island’ reclamation and the construction of the Ayer Itam Expressway – Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu Highway, one of the components under PTMP, taking off after a long wait. Work is also underway to commence the Pan Island Link 2A (PIL 2A) project connecting Batu Maung and ‘Silicon Island.’

The reclamation of ‘Silicon Island’ is indeed fascinating as it is the first reclamation project owned by the Penang State Government and has undergone various challenges before obtaining approval. Moreover, despite the inevitable ups and downs ahead, I personally feel proud as all these have never dampened Penang’s spirit towards its implementation for a better future in line with the vision of Penang2030.

On behalf of the State Government leadership, I am grateful that Penang is now receiving due attention from the Federal Government, especially regarding the approval of mega infrastructure projects including the light rail transit (LRT) project. Thank you, and we hope that this attention will continue based on the excellent records achieved by Penang for Malaysia until now.

The Penang Infrastructure Corporation (PIC) has been entrusted to ensure the smooth implementation of these projects according to schedule. Therefore, it is my hope that all planned initiatives will be realized to the best of our abilities for the future of Penang’s upcoming generations. At this juncture, I call for full support from all Penangites to continue working with us towards creating A Family-Focused Green and Smart State that Inspires the Nation.

Thank you.

Penang Chief Minister

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