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Now, fishermen in Penang’s south want three islands project

Now, fishermen in Penang’s south want three islands project

Published by Free Malaysia Today• 07/10/2021• 08:54 pm

The leader of the group, Tan Chen Tat, says the peititon will show that not all fishermen were against the reclamation project in Penang. (SRS Consortium pic)

GEORGE TOWN: The three-islands reclamation project in the south of Penang has received a show of support, with a group of residents and fishermen handing a petition to chief minister Chow Kon Yeow, asking for the project to go ahead.


The group, called Pertubuhan Lestari Alam Sekitar Pulau Pinang (PLASPP), submitted a petition with 1,521 signatures in support of the Penang South Reclamation (PSR). Of the signatories, 435 were fishermen.


Last month, the PSR had its approval by the environmental regulators withdrawn, following an appeal by another group of fishermen over a technicality.


The Penang government plans to get the High Court to review the decision.


In a statement, PLASPP said it had been disappointed that the project was shot down by the department of environment, so it gathered signatures of people who sincerely wanted the project to go on.


The group said the proposed reclamation and construction work there would be a great boost for the locals in the south of Penang, creating new jobs and boosting the economy.


It said kampung folk would be able to supply food and supplies to those working at the construction site and fishermen could offer transport to reclamation workers on their boats.


The group said many fishermen were also awaiting for free boats with high-powered engines – which had been promised to them under the project – so they could go further out to the sea.


“If all these benefits are being rejected by locals, surely we would not be able to get 1,521 signatures in support,” said the group’s chief Tan Chen Tat.


“We hope this will open the people’s eyes to the fact that not all fishermen are against the PSR. The people have been given the wrong impression all this while.”


Tan, along with committee members Ling Chee Seng, Mohd Nasarudin Sultan and Magima Raj Pragasam handed the petition to the chief minister today.


The PSR project covering 17sq km involves the development of three man-made islands in the waters off Permatang Damar Laut, near Bayan Lepas. It was introduced as a funding module of the Penang Transport Master Plan which is worth about RM46 billion.

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