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Empowering fishing community

Empowering fishing community

Published by The Star • 30/6/2023

KKPPSB’s first annual general meeting saw an attendance of 470 members.


KOPERASI Komuniti Pulau Pinang Selatan Bhd (KKPPSB) has fulfilled its contract to oversee the supply of 20 boats and engines to fishermen at the Penang South Island (PSI) project.


Co-operatives Societies Commission of Malaysia Penang director Norlelah Samsuddin said this was under the Social Impact Management Plan (SIMP).


She said the Penang government would continue to provide large boats and powerful engines to 314 fishermen from Permatang Tepi Laut, Teluk Kumbar, Sungai Batu and Gertak Sanggul.


With the land reclamation to be carried out later this year, KKPPSB is expected to play an even more active role in the local business scene.


“KKPPSB’s involvement will extend beyond giving fishing boats and engines, and will encompass the supply of other goods and services,” she said during KKPPSB’s annual general meeting at the Raia Inn Hotel in Bayan Lepas.


“The cooperative has been designated as the main contractor responsible for constructing the temporary jetty for fishermen in Permatang Tepi Laut.


“The project is under way, starting with the construction of two show units that will offer fishermen a preview of the upcoming facilities,” she added.


KKPPSB, established in April last year as part of the PSI project’s fishermen empowerment programme called Pelitaku, aims to benefit the south Penang Island community through various business activities, specifically those that support the stateowned reclamation project.


As of June 20, it boasts a membership of 686 individuals who are mostly residents in the south of Penang island, business folk and fishermen.


It was earlier reported that the PSI project, to be known as Silicon Island (930ha), would be reclaimed in two phases off the southern coast of Penang island.


Norlelah said that among the cooperative’s plans was the Samudera Initiative which aims to help fishermen secure higher prices for their catch.


“Additionally, aquaculture projects involving oyster and mussel cultivation are under a feasibility study.


“The cooperative also intends to engage in sports and recreational fishing activities as well as boat transportation services for passengers and cargo.”


She said these activities would benefit KKPPSB members through dividends, job and business opportunities, and other advantages.


The first annual general meeting of KKPPSB was attended by 470 members.


Its chairman Dr Muhammad Fadzly Zakaria presented proposed business plans at the meeting, which also involved the election of new board members.


A lucky draw featuring prizes amounting to RM10,000 was also held.


Penang Infrastructure Corporation chief executive officer Datuk Seri Farizan Darus, who is also on the cooperative’s board of directors, gave the top prize of a 50-inch smart television to the winner.


During the event, KKPPSB also presented a death benefit contribution of RM500 to the widow of deceased member Johari Sofian.

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